AMA Rolls Out Second Phase of Medical Education Consortium

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American Medical Association

Serving at the Medical Cosmetic Center in Panama City, FL, Dr. Vincent Ivers leverages his experience as a cosmetic surgeon to offer the most innovative techniques available. In addition to his surgical work in Florida, Dr. Vincent Ivers stays engaged in the medical field through his membership in the American Medical Association (AMA).

In October 2018, the AMA announced that it is moving into a new phase of its Accelerating Change in Medical Education Consortium – a collaborative effort among 32 medical schools to modernize their curriculum to address gaps in the current training that medical students receive. Some of the new programs will work to ensure the well-being of medical students and examine the social factors that influence health.

New competency initiatives involving the electronic health record (EHR) will focus on acclimating students to the system from the very beginning of their medical school training. AMA first rolled out the Accelerating Change in Medical Education Consortium in 2013, and it has now become one of the leading programs that work to improve the medical school experience.